Panta Holdings continues to bet big on sustainable aviation with expansion into battery-electric aviation.

In recent years, Panta Holdings has expanded its aerospace activities with subsidiary companies Fokker Next Gen and Fokker Services Group. The company is prioritizing sustainable aviation advancements, as evident in Fokker Next Gen's innovative hydrogen-powered regional aircraft. Building upon the bold vision of its late founder, Jaap Rosen Jacobson, to reduce aviation emissions, Panta Holdings is now thrilled to welcome Elysian Aircraft, a new innovative venture into battery-electric aviation.

Elysian is set to redefine zero emission aviation with an innovative battery-electric aircraft. Conceived by Jaap Rosen Jacobson and Rob Wolleswinkel, Elysian recently became an independent company, co-founded by Rob together with Reynard de Vries and Daniel Rosen Jacobson, who bring diverse expertise to the new venture. After two years of research and exploration, Elysian will soon be ready to reveal their innovation, which they will present at the AIAA's SciTech Conference in Orlando, Florida, in early January 2024.

Meanwhile, Fokker Next Gen has been expanding its presence. After participating in Luchtvaart in Transitie, the company recently joined the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking. It has also established collaborations with the Latvian government, Groningen Airport Eelde, and Dassault Systèmes. Moreover, it was selected as one of the 25 EU Hydrogen Technology companies to watch during European Hydrogen Week.

Panta Holdings actively investigates the various green powertrain solutions in the pursuit of reducing aviation emissions, including hydrogen and battery-electric systems. This commitment to exploring multiple avenues is part of their comprehensive approach, which acknowledges that no single solution can achieve climate-neutral aviation alone and emphasizes the need for diverse and bold innovations.

As Panta Holdings continues to advance sustainable aviation, it recognizes the critical role of collaboration with governments and industry partners in developing strategies for cleaner alternatives and accelerating the transition to zero-emission aviation.

Stay tuned for exciting updates from Panta Holdings and its subsidiaries , as we shape the future of sustainable aviation.