About Panta Holdings

On this page you can learn more about how Panta Holdings has developed over the years to become a trusted and successful investment company in the Netherlands.

Panta was founded in 1984 by Jaap Rosen Jacobson with the aim of holding and managing interests in companies. In the early years, the main participation was in Wolters Schaberg – in which Panta first held a 33% and later became a 50% shareholder – an investment group that specialized in acquiring, turning around and reselling failing companies. With this, Panta stood at the birth of the Dutch Private Equity industry. At that time, the entire focus was on Wolters Schaberg's strategy and operations. Through those early years, the group has achieved success with turnarounds of approximately 65 companies – many of which are still well-known names. Examples in retail include names such as the Society Shop, Luzac College, Jamin, and Xenos.

Aviation, real estate and hotels

Since 1995 Panta has independently built up a portfolio of mainly majority interests in various sectors. Panta held these interests for a relatively longer period of time, but with the aim of selling it for multiplication of value, not forever. Over time, the interests grew and the maturities extended. The diversity in sectors remained, but started to focus mainly in the aviation, real estate and hotels categories. In 1996 Panta bought 100% of the Vlaamse Luchtvaart Maatschappij (VLM), a Belgian airline. Under Panta's strategic management, VLM became a strong player in Europe in short-term business air travel, with a fleet of Fokker 50 aircraft. VLM was very important at small airports such as London City Airport, and other small airports such as Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Antwerp were used to make business traffic faster, cheaper and easier. After a period of great growth, VLM was sold to Air France-KLM in 2008.

Current investments

Panta's current participating interests include Fokker Services (aerospace engineering), Netherlands Aircraft Company (NAC) (aerospace engineering), Postilion Hotels (hotels), Life NL (real estate / project development). Panta has a team of top professionals who deal with the operations and strategy of Panta on a daily basis. Today, Panta also makes select growth and seed investments in technology companies, for example the startup E-magy, a developer of battery technology.

Until recently, AvCorp - a Canadian company that makes parts for airplanes - was also part of Panta's portfolio, but this was sold in 2022 to Latecoere.



Panta invests in various sectors and companies. There are two investment goals that Panta follows when making investment decisions.

Panta Holdings team


The Panta Holdings team has been put together with care and has diverse backgrounds. Read more about our team here.