Panta invests in various industries and businesses. In 2022 there are two main investment goals that Panta follow when making investments decisions:

These goals align with business that for example:

Panta is generally only interested in taking a majority stake when it invests.

Current investments


Fokker Techniek

Fokker Techniek at Aviolanda Aerospace at Woensdrecht airport, is a sister company of Fokker Services and builds on more than a century of experience in complex projects. Due to its strong engineering background, Fokker Techniek specializes in green aircraft completions, conversions, upgrades and refurbishments, both for the VIP Aircraft Market, including Airbus ACJ and Boeing BBJ, and the Special Mission Aircraft Market. Fokker Techniek provides full MRO support to private and commercial aircraft operators including Lease Transition Maintenance, together with extensive capabilities including heavy maintenance, modifications and aircraft painting.

The Netherlands Aircraft Company wants to build a new Fokker Aircraft, the Fokker 130. The Fokker 130 builds on the reputation of hundreds of Fokker aircraft flying the world today.

A unique development program based on early certification flight testing using 2 existing Fokker 100 aircraft converted into 2 compliant Fokker 130 prototypes targets entry-into-service in five years. The Fokker 130 will be certified to latest EASA and FAA requirements.

The Fokker 130 will be developed in cooperation with renowned Dutch engineering companies, the national aeronautical institutions and international specialists.

Fokker Services’ drive revolves around one purpose: exceed reliability expectations to keep aircraft where they belong, in the sky. As a Global Independent Aerospace Service Provider, Fokker Services creates tailored solutions for the maintenance of regional, commercial and military aircraft. The organization engineers, repairs, upgrades, and delivers high-quality solutions, innovating in multiple areas to facilitate and support the competitive operations of its customers. Services range from type certificate holder-related product support services to flight hour based component availability and repair programs, spare parts, engineering, modifications and documentation support. The unique combination of OEM (design) expertise and after-sales support services makes Fokker Services an essential partner for the aerospace industry with facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Real Estate

LIFE Europe’s mission is to contribute to people’s daily lives. They are inspired by new ways of working, playing and living, they enable smart design, innovation & technology, and they enjoy unique and progressive real estate brands.

LIFE Europe places people at the heart of everything they do. Flexible and creative, LIFE Europe curates inspiring new (co-)working, (co-)living and leisure experiences specifically designed to activate neighbourhoods and extend urban borders. By breathing new life into local communities, LIFE Europe is helping to redefine how people work, live and enjoy themselves.


The Company is specialized in delivering state-of-the-art meeting and conference solutions and created multifunctional rooms to provide for full business needs (e.g. meetings for various group sizes and international business conferences).

Postillion has a particular strong focus on hosting meetings and conventions for 500 to 1,200 pax, a mid-market positioning which is not very commonly catered by the supply side of the market.

As of today, Postillion Hotels is perceived as a leading hotel group with a dominant position within the Dutch, European and US MICE market, servicing many (business) travelers from all over the world.


E-Magy is a driven, advanced materials specialists with over 20 years of silicon crystallisation experience. Since 2013, E-magy has been developing nanostructured silicon for batteries in their cutting edge production facility and battery lab near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

At Please ask m they believe that people live to be happy. Please ask me wants to contribute to this. They do this by using digitization and delivering and deploying new, automatic solutions in the hospitality industry. Please ask m has taken up the challenge to make things run faster, more efficiently and with more success for both hotel employees and customers. They do this by making every customer contact a valuable moment and thus a valuable customer experience.

The vision is that there is a need within the (business) hospitality industry for a better customer experience, with more components running automatically. Please ask m believe that this need will only get stronger in the coming years. In addition, they believe that the technological possibilities of AI, among other things, make it increasingly possible to automate personalised customer communication.

RGS Development B.V. is a nano alloys company, promoting the energy transition by the introduction of novel energy conversion solutions. Together with its industrial customers they create economic attractive products to meet today’s energy transition challenges.

RGS development offers innovative solutions for sustainable energy generation and storage. RGS provides the ThermagyTM technology to co-generate or recover electrical and thermal energy locally. Furthermore RGS provides E-magyTM nano sponge powder for application in high energy density Li-ion battery anodes.

RGS wishes to serve its customer by offering product qualification, incubation manufacturing and – afterwards – technology services or technology transfer services for its two brands Thermagy and E-magy.

RGS also offers co-development and co-manufacture of novel energy conversion solutions, based on the unique and proprietary RGS production process for making tailored nano alloys at scale.

The company is located in a 1400 m2 facility in Broek op Langedijk, 30 minutes distance from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The enterprise comprises a proprietary industrial 100t rapid casting capability, as well as multiple furnace, etching assembly and testing & characterization operations. The company represents a broad technology and manufacturing competence base for advanced material solutions.

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